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Project | 01
Project | 01 O'Hare Fashion Packed Challenge

O'Hare Airport and Columbia College Chicago teamed up to create a fashion packed challenge. I was a participant this previous year, however I did not win, but I am very proud of my work. We as students were paired with a retailer at the airport where we were given an inspiration item from that store. Using the recycled materials we were given from the airport (belts, blankets, uniforms, etc.) we were to create an item that best reflected our assigned retailer and our inspiration item.

Click on the next slide to view a link to watch our documentary of the process! 

Project | 02
Project | 02 A Girl & A Stitch_ Children Retailer

A Girl & A Stitch is a children's retail brand that  I plan on pursuing in the future. It is a size inclusive girls brand that is meant to empower young girls and provide representation.  In the presentation you can see I developed a marketing plan,  business model, tech packs, color story, and  digital illustrations to develop this innovative kids wear brand.

Project | 03
Project | 03  Gender Fluid Athleisure 
This is a project I did on gender fluid activewear. This project was based off of a real customer who identified as nonbinary. This was my first attempt at working with active wear knits. I did a lot of trend research, as well as research on the nonbinary community. In my presentation you can see my mood boards, trend boards, customer profile, flat sketches, digital illustrations, and more.
Project | 04 Environmental Surf Wear

This project was very special to me.  It incorporated my passion for environmentally friendly apparel and size inclusivity. I focused on  making surf wear that was based on endangered marine species, and my ideal customer was pro surfer Bo Stanley who is a body positive activist. I made the collection plus sized due to the discriminations plus sized pro surfers face. Plus sized surfers are less likely to seek endorsements from companies to compete, so I dedicated this collection to that.  

Project | 04
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